TRIGGER: Poetry and Pros

Rowan Groom

Warning, this book contains opinions. Some of which you may not even like. However, do not fear, as unlike stick & stones, you can decide whether or not these words will ever hurt you. This South African, British, gendered, sexually capable, skin coloured, plant based, immigrant, spoken word artist, draws from lived experience with PC culture, good and bad, with philosophical poetry. Taking shots at the politics of today, as well as other topics like gun-violence, feminism, religion, race and identity. More than just poetry, this collection offers perspective in ever more insane times. If you consider yourself a reflective and open-minded person who enjoys having your beliefs challenged, then this is for you.

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Rowan Groom

£5 physical / £3 digital South African rapper Ro, has taken the most vulnerable pages out of his lyrical diary, literally the content too daunting to be released in song, and opened up to expose even more of himself to the fans.

This book poetry mostly follows typical Hip-Hop rhyming form, with a few exceptions. Jam packed full of deep human thought provoking content from Africa to women, love, police, the west, liberalism, religion, depression and of course the common themes of his music, spirituality and politics.

If you are an introspective person or even just somebody tired of dumbed down superficial reads then this will tick your box.