Socially conscious Poet turned Rapper fed up with false narratives spread through the once respected medium of mainstream music about the material wealth of life and objectification of both men and women. A kind of spoken word mixed with an acoustic guitar is what’s used to address these issues.

Born and bread in a post Apartheid South Africa Johannesburg was where I learned my love for both Hip-Hop and the power of words although ambitions of being a professional rugby player over shadowed this for years after that did not work out I tried to follow in my family’s footsteps and work on an ambulance but once I moved to England in 2011 I later realised that music was the only thing that actually made me happy so decided to pursue that with the blessing of a very supportive family.

Oxford was where my new base would be made and the creation of “Social Anxiety” my first independent CD was recorded and sold on the high street. A couple years after that I applied to the Edinburgh Fringe festival as a busker but my guitarist pulled out 6 weeks before so I bought a guitar and amp from my then-boss, learned how to play it, and have never looked back.

My goal now is to take acoustic rap to the world speaking about issues that need light shined on them from Politics to race, religion, body dysmorphia, love, rejection, death and just existing in this current time.